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Information About Silicosis

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Silicosis is a potentially Fatal Lung Disease caused by overexposure to respirable Crystalline Silica. Pneumoconiosis is the general term for lung disease caused by inhalation of mineral dust. Silicosis is a Fibronodular Lung Disease caused by dust inhalation (crystalline silica dust). Many workers all over the world are exposed to Crystalline Silica, and each year there are hundreds of deaths resulting from Silicosis. There is no cure for Silicosis; however, Silicosis completely preventable when and if employers, workers, and health professionals work together to reduce Silica exposures.

Consider the following three types of Silicosis:

  • Acute Silicosis - occurs due to short-term exposure to extremely elevated amounts of silica.
  • Simple Chronic Silicosis or Chronic Silicosis - occurs due to exposure to large amounts of silica over a period of approximately five to ten years.
  • Accelerated Silicosis - occurs due to long-term exposure (10-20 years) to small amounts of silica.

Consider the following common symptoms of Silicosis:

  • fever
  • cough
  • weight loss
  • severe breathing difficulty
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