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  Memory Loss
As we age we naturally begin to loose brain cells and stop producing natural chemicals that your brain needs to work. This process can start as early as you early to late twenties. Aging also affects your memory in the way that information is stored. As the way information is stored becomes more and more altered, it may be harder and harder to recall the stored information. Usually your recent memory is the first thing to deteriorate. Forgetting where you parked the car or put the keys may be common occurrences. Memory problems can become serious as they begin to affect the way you live day to day.

There are treatments available to not only help remedy some of the natural memory loss that occurs with aging, but there are also treatments now available to increase your mental capacity and memory ability. Treatments for memory loss can be a simple as using cognitive exercises and mind games to exercise your memory capacity. Some treatments involve the consumption of vitamins and minerals to aid in the improvement of mental capacity.

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