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Obesity or Overweight is a condition that many Americans face at an ever increasing and alarming rate. The least important part of being a normal weight is appearance. The most important part of being a normal weight is feeling good and staying healthy. Accumulating too much body fat will harm both body and self-esteem.

Eating and exercise habits can always be changed. Even changing these habits in small degrees can make a large difference in the way a person feels both physically and emotionally. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is within everyone’s reach.

Being Obese and being Overweight is not technically the same thing. An Obese person has a large amount of Extra Body Fat. Individuals who are Obese are risking serious health problems.

To determine if someone is Obese, doctors often use the Body Mass Index or some other comparable measurement system. A BMI greater than ninety five percent of people of the same age and gender qualifies a person as being Obese. Thus, Obesity is the term used for extreme overweight conditions. The only exception to this classification would be individuals that have developed extra or abnormal amounts of muscle mass.

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