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You need to find the right plastic surgeon for your breast enhancement surgery . The extra time spent searching for the right plastic surgeon will payoff in the long run. Be sure that your plastic surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon . Finding the right surgeon is the most critical step involved in breast augmentation , breast implants , breast lifts and breast enlargement. Your next step is to find the best plastic surgery financing available in order to help you offset the cost of your augmentation procedure . Consider the following silicon breast implant information, while you pursue your dream of breast enhancement :

Silicone is made up of a sponge like mesh filled with silicone oil.  It is known that some very small amounts of the oil part of the gel "bleeds" through the implant's shell.  Although most of the silicone stays in the implant shell, silicone can leak and get trapped in surrounding scar tissue.  Very small amounts of the silicone can migrate to different areas of the body.  It's important to remember that silicone has not been proven to cause cancer or other illness.

Breast Implant Rupture is the development of a split or hole in the shell of a breast implant. Ruptures can arise because of weakness in the implant shell material or as a result of damage to the implant. Rupture should not be confused with gel bleed, in which low silicone oil migrates through the intact implant shell.


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