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  Child Health
Both parents and professionals (such as doctors, teachers, etc.) are increasingly more concerned with ensuring that children are fit and healthy. Fit Children and Healthy Children are happy children. A Fit Child develops Healthy Habits like Eating Well, participating in a lot of Physical Activity (Exercise), maintaining a Healthy Weight. You need to start early. Children need to develop Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Habits during early childhood and maintain them throughout their lives. When children are healthy and fit their body works well, feels good, and can do all the things they want and need to do, such as run around and play with friends.

A Lion’s share of the responsibility for Children’s Health lies directly on the shoulders of the parents; however, this doesn’t take away all responsibility from the child. Parents need to take control of the Children’s Diet. They also need to take charge in ensuring the Children’s Activities have proper amounts of Exercise incorporated into them. Children can take some of the following action steps for a proper Child Lifestyle and Child Nutrition:

  • Eat new food and food not eaten for a while (Eat a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables)
  • Drink water and milk most often
  • Avoid over eating (Eat until you body feels comfortably full)
  • Limit time spent in front of the TV screen and computer screen
  • Do your favorite activities regularly (Be active)


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