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Information About Vaginal Cancer

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  Vaginal Cancer
Vaginal Cancer is cancer that starts in the vagina. Vaginal Cancer is a rare type of cancer that is very treatable when identified and treated in the early stages of its development. In the majority of cases women with Vaginal Cancer will not experience any signs. As the Vaginal Cancer developes further and passes the precancerous and cancerous stages and becomes invasive Vaginal Cancer, then a majority of women begin to experience one or a variety of the following symptoms:

  • Vaginal Bleeding after intercourse
  • Vaginal Bleeding after menopause
  • abnormal Vaginal Discharge
  • a noticable Vaginal Mass (mass inside the vagina)

Consider the following treatments for Vaginal Tumors:

  • Vaginal Cancer Surgery
  • Vaginal Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Vaginal Cancer Radiation Therapy
  • Vaginal Cancer Alternative Treatments
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