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Information About Lung Cancer

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  Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer is a disease in which certain lung cells don't function right, divide very fast, and produce too much tissue forming a Lung Tumor. The lungs, a pair of sponge-like, cone-shaped organs, are part of the body's respiratory system. When we breathe in, the lungs take in oxygen, which our cells need to live and carry out their normal functions. When we breathe out, the lungs get rid of carbon dioxide, which is a waste product of the body's cells. Lung Cancers that begin in the lungs are divided into the following two major types:
  • Non-small cell lung cancer
  • Small cell lung cancer

The type is determined by the way the cells look under a microscope. Each type of lung cancer grows and spreads in different ways and is treated differently. Another type of lung cancer is Adenocarcinoma.

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