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There are two important principles to remember about Correct Posture (Effective Posture). The two important principles of Posture are as follows:

  • Your Posture has to allow you to relax and to be comfortable
  • Your Posture has to allow you to remain alert and aware

Correct Posture starts with a conscious effort to hold the Posture of the body in a straight line. The spine should be straight all the way up your back and up through the top of your head. The head should be parallel to the sky. It may help to visualize a string coming down from the ceiling that attaches to the top of the back of the head like a puppet, which allows their shoulders and back muscles to relax and hang down from the spine. This visualization is only a technique that may be helpful in discovering a Straight Posture. Keeping the back straight does not mean that to force the back into a straight position; however, it does mean to let the back find its own upright position.

Consider the following Posture Exercises and Posture Test:

  • Natural Stance Instructions
  • Stand with your feet side by side, about shoulder width apart.
  • Raise up on the balls of your feet.
  • Now gradually lower your heels until they just barely touch the floor.
  • Push your sternum out slightly.
  • Tuck your chin in a little.
  • And, this is going to feel a little weird, lean forward ever so slightly from your hips.
  • Tests for Natural Stance
  • Touch just below the collar bone and gently press toward the spine.
  • Touch the lower back and push directly forward.
  • Hold an ankle and lift up.
  • Grasp a wrist and lift directly up toward the shoulder.
  • If you move a little, make a slight adjustment to your posture then have your friend test you again. Don't try to resist your friend’s push! This Posture Exercise is just to find out something about your current posture. If you fall over that is alright. Change something about your Posture and try the Posture Test again. Perform the test in a spirit of cooperation. If you feel frustrated by the tests, then tell your friend not to push as hard.

Osteopathy is a distinctive and complete system of health care, focusing on the Posture and alignment of musculoskeletal system. The name Osteopathy means suffering of the bones, which emphasizes the importance of a properly functioning musculoskeletal system in achieving correct Posture and the total well-being of an individual.

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